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Back Back. If you'd like to watch the three clips for Mr. Chedworth , instead of watching the actual feature film, they are available here at the ASO site.

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Howard is best known as the author of many stage plays, some of which were adapted to film. His novel Mr. Chedworth Hits Out was made into a feature film in Morton's hobbies included theatre directing, hockey umpiring and camping. Hall had purchased the rights to the novel because he thought it was an ideal vehicle for a second film for Kellaway With Mr. Chedworth a hit, Kellaway's star continued on the rise, and he returned to Hollywood for a role in Wuthering Heights.

Writer. Teacher. Environmentalist. Seeker.

The film saw the beginning of a brief screen career for Jean Hatton, a teenage soprano billed by Cinesound as "Australia's Deanne Durbin" - she had handily won a Deanne Durbin talent quest. She was enrolled in the Cinesound talent school, and signed to contract. She next turned up in Hall's Cinesound picture Come Up Smiling , but she couldn't sustain a career arc as she grew older.

The ingenue cast in the film - Joan Deering - was another screen newcomer, with her experience in the theatre, especially revue, and she too couldn't sustain a movie career with the collapse of the industry during the second world war. For all the hopes that Hall and Cinesound invested in Hatton - she was given the closing trill and end title shot for the film - it was actually more significant as another fillip for Peter Finch's career, playing the reprehensible son.

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  6. It also proved Kellaway was a character actor who had significant star power. He was a mad punter and a follower of the horses, so his on-screen scolding of 'son' Peter Finch for punting on the nags caused much amusement on the set.

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    He had his mind on the racetrack all the time As soon as I'd say 'Cut' he'd be off like a rabbit up a bank and out the back to the radio to hear what had won the last. He was a mad punter. In what had become a Cinesound tradition, completion of the film and the farewell to Kellaway was celebrated by a dance party on the Showboat Kalang on Sydney Harbour.

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    Cecil Kellaway even made a direct comparison between Hall and his directing style in one interview:. And that also applies to our own Ken Hall. It might have only been a reference to similar directing styles, but Mr.

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    Chedworth also contains probably the most explicit social message of any Ken Hall movie, with the possible exception of the harbour-side cave dwellers in depression Sydney in The Broken Melody. Australian films in the nineteen thirties were rarely given to social commentary, preferring to offer escapist entertainment rather than tackle the economic conditions endured by the majority of working and middle class people. While Hall indulged in a little agrarian socialism in his Dad and Dave movies, and always understood the art of knocking toffs in the Australian way, he was also a hard-headed businessman, in the business of producing entertainment that worked and movies that sold this also explains why some latter-day critics prefer the amateurish eccentricities of director Charles Chauvel to the professionally crafted but more impersonal films Hall produced.

    While there are melodramatic contrivances in the story line, the comedy is a bitter sweet observation of the difficulties of life in the suburbs for the majority of people, with Chedworth an under-dog, a victim of economic, social and personal exploitation. The show offers Chedworth a convenient plot-driven way out of his dilemma, by way of counterfeit money and a handy gamble, but along the way it delivers some sharp observations of the noveau riche, snobs and social pretenders - even if the main character then ends up in the nineteen thirties equivalent of a nouveau riche McMansion lifestyle.

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    Hall was able to achieve his satirical flourishes more easily thanks to Cecil Kellaway and his humble 'everyman' persona. By the time he returned to help out Hall, Kellaway had already churned through a dozen Hollywood movies - ten in - learning the trade and honing his craft.

    His genial performance appealed to critics and to the general public, and still holds up today.