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Show me proof and I'll believe it. God puts it the other way around. Believing is seeing.

Take the Lord at His word. Do the very next thing He is asking you to do and you will see. He will give you grace to do the right thing and more: He will give you Himself—the only source of goodness—and with it, enduring happiness. My young grandsons enjoy dressing themselves. Sometimes they pull their shirts on backwards and often the younger one puts his shoes on the wrong feet. I love seeing the world through their eyes.

To them, everything is an adventure, whether walking the length of a fallen tree, spying a turtle sunning itself on a log, or excitedly watching a fire truck roar by. But I know that even my little grandsons are not truly innocent. Yet I love them dearly. Everything they saw in the garden must have been a marvel as they walked with God. But one day they willfully disobeyed.

They ate of the one tree they were forbidden to eat Genesis —17; And that disobedience immediately led to lies and blame shifting — Yet still, God loved and cared for them. He sacrificed animals in order to clothe them v. He loves us that much! My mother discovered my kitten, Velvet, atop the kitchen counter, devouring homemade bread. With a huff of frustration, she scooted her out the door. Hours later, we searched our yard for the missing cat without success. A faint meow whistled on the wind, and I looked up to the peak of a poplar tree where a black smudge tilted a branch.

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Is it possible that we sometimes do something similar—running from our errors and putting ourselves in danger? And even then God comes to our rescue? Then God gave Jonah another chance After exhausting our efforts to woo Velvet down, we summoned the local fire department. With the longest ladder fully extended, a kind man climbed high, plucked my kitten from her perch, and returned to place her safely in my arms. My mind raced. How can I leave home? My family? My church? What if God later calls me to another state or country? Being so far from home is still difficult.

Yes, Moses obeyed and followed God, but not before questioning Him and requesting that someone else go instead vv. We can instead strive to be more like the disciples. When Jesus called them, they left everything and followed Him Matthew —22; Luke When we are led out of our comfort zone, we can either go reluctantly, like Moses, or willingly like the disciples—who followed Jesus wherever He led them. Sometimes this means leaving our comfortable life hundreds or even thousands of miles behind us.

But no matter how difficult it may be, following Jesus is worth it. As human beings, we are prone to seek out information that supports the opinions we hold.

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Love God. Love Others. Sign In. Choosing the Trail David C. McCasland October An Enduring Happiness David H. Roper August Up a Tree Elisa Morgan May Load More. First Name required Please provide your first name. Please provide your last name. Iceland Travel handle everything for you, from booking the hire car and accommodation, to putting together a suggested itinerary.

They even provide you with a tablet that includes your trip plan as well as thousands of sight-seeing suggestions along the way. This is definitely the easiest way to do a self-drive trip, and saves you the hassle of planning all your hotel stops, finding the hire car and so on. If you have slightly longer, this is a 9 day version. The other option is of course to book everything yourself.

Iceland has a wide range of accommodation options, to suit a variety of budgets, from backpacker hostels through to more luxury properties. On our trips to Iceland, we have used a combination of Iceland Travel, booking. For our self-drive road trips through Iceland Travel , they arranged all our hotels for us. We just specified the comfort level of hotel we wanted, and they arranged everything based on out itinerary.

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  • For the majority of the rest of our accommodation in Iceland, we use Booking. We find that they are usually the best option when we travel, as they have everything from hotels to apartments and hostels, with a massive choice, and the user review system makes it easier to find good properties. We have also used AirBnB in Iceland. We prefer to use AirBnB for longer stays though, we think that for short one night stops, especially on a road trip where arrival times can vary, the requirement to sometimes arrange arrival times with a host can be a problematic.

    Still, it can be an option. And that finished our detailed 7 day Iceland Ring Road itinerary!

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    Hopefully it has everything you need to start planning your own epic road trip in Iceland. Thank you so much for this detailed post and the others I have clicked on linked in your post! I am planning a 7 day trip to Iceland next July and this was incredibly helpful to let me know where to go and where to stay! Our pleasure Lisa! This is a really useful itinerary, thank you!

    We plan on going to Iceland in October and following the 5 or 7 day itinerary. Could you give an indication of price? Thanks very much! It really depends on your travel style. Iceland is definitely not a budget destination though. Such a wonderful site. I am totally planning my road trip in late September using this. I am thinking where should i spend my extra day.

    Any suggestion? Hello Thank you for this wonderful itinerary. Will the 7 day itinerary be too much for a 6 yr old. Should we follow your 5 day itinerary and stretch it to 7. Any suggestions so we can make this better for her. This would be quite a full trip for seven days so you might find that your 6 year old finds the pace of the five day itinerary easier if stretched over 5 days.

    I am planning to visit Iceland in 1st week of August. Could you please suggest the best and scenic road trip route. I would be very grateful. I would also want to include the peninsula. So the best itinerary for seven days, if you want to drive the whole ring road, would be this route. However, we also have a 7 day and a 5 day itinerary that you might find useful, which cover different parts of Iceland. The 7 day and 5 day itineraries can be seen at the following links:. Good Morning, I am travelling to Iceland the last week of October.

    Would the Ring Road trip be feasible at this time? I am doing a guided tour of the south the first week of Nov, so I will be strictly driving through this part. If Ring road is not doable at this time of year, what would you suggest as a plan that do not include the south? Thank you. So it is hard to say exactly as predicting the weather is definitely tricky in Iceland. I would say that it might be possible, it might not. The risk is that there are not any alternatives, so if a section of the ring road is closed, your only choice is to backtrack.

    An alternative to doing the whole ring road would be to fly to Akureyri and base yourself from there, exploring that area and the Lake Myvatn area. Hi, I am a fan of this page, Such detailed itenary and details. I have a quick question. We will be in Iceland for exactly 8 days and we want to do the Ring road trip. We are planning to use this itenary except that we want to relax it a little bit in some places, so we are planning to start driving from Reyjavik to Lake Myvatn area and then drop the rental car at AEY airport.

    Do you think its is worth the trade-off. Perfect blog. Planning to be there in December This blog made things very easy and doable. Thanks -Nirman. Thanks for the detailed road trip plan. Its the most comprehensive itinerary available on the net. I am visiting with my cousin towards September end and plan to self-drive this trip.

    Would this trip be possible then? What kind of precaution would you suggest — choice of cars, places to avoid? We were also hoping to catch the nothern lights but dont want to opt for any tours. Please advise. My pleasure. This trip would be possible in September. Snow is possible then, but not common, and it will be around 5C — 10C it might feel colder due to the wind though, so pack warm clothes! Most of Iceland is going to be dark enough, just drive away from any sources of light like towns or villages and you will be fine. Hey Jac, our pleasure!

    Have a wonderful time in Iceland and do let us know how your experience met to expectation! Thanks for your great guidance. Do you offer a condensed version for easy printing?

    Walking with God at Work

    Our pleasure! Thank you for the great suggestions! We have almost this exact trip planned in July. I noticed that you did not have any cave lava tube tours suggested. I wondered if you did any and what you thought about them? Hi Gina! Thank you for the detailed itinerary. So is there a special place where we can see it or just drive away from city lights while on the ring road?

    Good point! You just need to find a dark place, which to be honest, is not very hard in Iceland! Just wanted to ask why you do not include Snaefellsnes Peninsula on this route as you list it as an option for the 5 day route. For the 5 day route I listed it as an option instead of visiting Reykjavik, rather than as an addition. Thanks for a great post! We are going to Iceland in July. We have 6,5 days excluding flights. Would you recommend us to follow this route or your 5 day trip? We understand it might be a bit rushed, but we do not mind some long drives.

    Could it perhaps be a good idea to start on this route and see how far we get and just turn around and head back to Reykjavik if we do not have enough time for the whole plan? Other question is about accommodation. We understand that July is a busy season. Will it be risky to book accomodation on the day as we drive or should we arrange everything in advance? The latter will give less flexibility obviously.. If it was me, I would follow my five day itinerary with the extra Snaefellsness Peninsula section added on.

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    If you feel you have more time, you could head further along the south coast past the glacier lagoon to the stunning Vestrahorn mountain. July is definitely busy. We travelling in June and it was a challenge getting all the hotels we wanted, even booking in advance. I would definitely advise against booking on the day. Whilst there are more hotels being built all the time, and capacity is increasing, I think this would lead to a stressful trip trying to find places to stay rather than enjoying yourself.

    I hope this all helps!

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    Have a wonderful trip, and do let us know how it goes — whatever you decide to do! Very Interesting post… question, Starting which month after the summer it is possible to see the Northen lights and where? So in theory you can see the northern lights in Iceland from late August to late April. I will be travelling in September and have only 6D 6N for the trip — do you recommend doing the ring road or are there better alternatives I am guessing covering only the Southern part.. My suggestion would be to do a trip from Snaefellsnes, round the Golden Circle, and along the south coast as far as Jokulsarlon Glacier lagoon.

    That will give you more time to see things and less time driving. If you wanted to have a quieter time, you could also do a road trip starting in Akureyri and focusing on the northern highlights. Which has the option to add on Snaefellsnes. I have read very different opinions on this. We are a young couple so camper should not be much of an issue. Hi Alberto — so when it comes to cost, you might not find too much difference unless you get a very small camper, as campervans are generally more expensive than vehicles.

    So you will still have to pay for a campsite. So whilst this is obviously cheaper than a hotel, the overall price of your trip once you factor in camper rental might not be that different. So if cost is the reason, I would suggest there might not be much difference — I would choose to camp if that is the style of travel you prefer, rather than as a cost saving measure if that makes sense. Thank you for such a comprehensive itinerary.

    It really helped me plan for my trip with my daughters coming up in June. I have three questions. First, We will rent a car but we are used to American car sizes. Most rental cars say they are good for one large and one travel bag. Is this accurate? We would have three and three. Should I look at bigger auto for rental? Second, are fuel stations available in most towns and villages on the Ring?

    Finally, in the eastern and northern regions should we get hotel reservations now or will there be some available during late June? Thank you again for the great info. First, I would say that yes, the rental car sites are likely to be quite accurate. Compact cars in Iceland and Europe in general tend to be quite small, certainly a lot smaller than your standard US car.

    If there are three adults and three bags, you will want at least a mid-size car I think. Second, fuel stations are available all around the ring road, yes, we never had a problem finding fuel. Note that some of them are unmanned and operate with a credit card, but the instructions are available in English on the terminals and easy to follow. Third — June is a relatively busy time of the year, but the eastern and northern parts of Iceland get far fewer visitors than the busy south coast.

    So I would recommend booking on the south coast in advance, and you should have more flexibility along the east and north. Of course, I should add a note that there are fewer hotels in those regions. So one option might be to use a platform like booking. Thank you for the quick reply. This helps me quite a bit. I figured it was pretty accurate on the car so I will get a bigger car. Hi guys. Just wanted to get in touch to say thank you for providing all this useful information regarding the ring road.

    We are heading to Iceland in April and hope to follow what you have described above. We plan to rent a small 2WD vehicle to reduce costs. Would you envisage this being a problem in April? Not sure what to expect weather wise???? The weather in Iceland is very variable — it can be cold even in the summer months.

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    Snow is unlikely in April, but certainly not impossible, although the main roads should be fine to drive on unless you are particularly unlucky! Otherwise, make sure you take plenty of warm layers and waterproof clothing, as rain and wind are a possibility all year round those waterfalls need to get their water from somewhere! Thanks for the quick reply Laurence. Useful to know. The other thing I was hoping you could help with is which glacier you would recommend visiting for a 3 hour walk that is close to the ring road and would fit the itinerary you have listed.

    Thanks again. Are any of them open? I want to go and see. Thanks so much… Sandra. We are wondering if you could suggest how you would shorten this just a bit if you only had 7 days including the dates of arrival and departure arriving in the AM and departing in the early evening. Would your 5 day itinerary be a better idea? Thank you!

    I echoed with other readers. Your itinerary is very reasonable and covers all major points that we want to visit. Is the weather safe enough for us to drive through the whole ring road? We are from Michigan and are used to driving in snow but were wondering if this is a good time to visit the Ring Road.

    Thanks in advance for your time in answering our questions. It is very kind and nice of you. God Bless! That is an excellent amount of time for the ring road, it will give you plenty of time to see everything on our itinerary plus a few more things if you wish. May would be a good time for sure. One thing to be aware of is that the highlands roads will still be closed at this time.

    I first started planning my trip to Iceland to include the ring route using the Insight Guide travel book. After awhile I did an internet search of the ring road and came across your wonderful sight. I soon noticed that the attractions I highlighted matched up with a lot of the sights you mention so I then figured I might as well use your route as a guide. I did come across the Iceland Travel self-drive tours, however since I will be travelling alone I found them to be quite expensive for a single traveler.

    I plan on travelling mid-late August, maybe early September. Do you think it makes sense to book everything myself to save money? Any suggestions you have will be appreciated. I would say that booking everything yourself is certainly a feasible option, and likely cheaper as you are not paying for the convenience. We have provided hotel options for each day to help out with doing that if you follow our itinerary, and we recommend this website for car rental as it lets you pick the appropriate insurance in advance at a better price than the over the counter rates, which in our experience are quite high!

    Hi, Thank you for the comprehensive info on Iceland. Keep up the good work! Just wondering what type of car you did this trip in? Does it require a 4WD? There are a couple of minor detours on the route where a 4WD is a legal requirement, but they are only brief and not essential, so you could definitely skip them. I had the same question. Do you remember if the roads leading to these two places are F-roads?

    Any other stops in your itinerary above that take you on F-roads? Your email address will not be published. Let me know when there's a reply to my comment just replies to your comment, no other e-mails, we promise! Send me a monthly update of the best blog posts so I don't miss out! No spam, ever.